In a post-apocolyptic world, the escaped test subjects must fight for survival. What genetic modifications had these wolves been subjected to, and who is still Pure?

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Application: Akarin

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1 Application: Akarin on Tue Mar 10, 2015 12:09 am


Name: Akarin
Gender: Male
Age: 4
Primary Breed of Wolf: European Wolf (Canis Lupus Lupus)

Modification Phase: 2 = The Raised

Secondary Species from Phase 2: Black Mamba
Mutation from Phase 2: Has a venom gland much like the snake, and can inject it through a canal in his canines.
Side Effects from Phase 2: Sometimes has headaches/dizziness; memory loss surrounding time in labs

Tertiary Species from Phase 3: (Unlocked through roleplay)
Mutation from Phase 3:(Unlocked through roleplay)

Coat colour: Tan base with black/grey back and head marking
Eye colour: Bright Amber
Natural markings: Black tail tip

Akarin is a not a natural leader, but he is willing to step up to the job to get the job done. He is highly curious and logical, and only resorts to violence when there is no other choice. He is fiercely protective of those who deserve his  loyalty, but is often distrustful of others and some can find his calculating nature to be cold and harsh upon first meeting him. Akarin has strong opinions and is often stubborn, but will take on board any suggestions his pack may have – he knows how unforgiving this world is, and that a united pack is a strong one.

Akarin has almost no memory of the labs and his time in the bunkers. He was one of the first few captured and was experimented on extensively before many of the other subjects arrives. When he finally escaped the labs with his closet friend, he had no recollection of Phase 2 and was not aware of his venom mutation – it was only when hunting that he realised something was wrong.

His friend recoiled in shock, still being Pure himself, and scrambled way out of fear of Akarin being contagious. It was then he showed his true prejudice, and left Akarin in search of more like himself. More of those untainted by the DNA of other species, and not plagued with side effects or illness because of it.

(Need leader/high rank in Pure to be this friend - email me if interested!)

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