In a post-apocolyptic world, the escaped test subjects must fight for survival. What genetic modifications had these wolves been subjected to, and who is still Pure?

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Background Plot

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The Background Plot

Deep in the heart of what we once knew as Russia, a highly secret lab was constructed. Apart from those few who were working there, only one other alive knew of its existence. To them, it was known as Armitage.

In a time when tension was running high in the world and the threat of nuclear war was looming, these scientists knew they would have to work fast. The lab would have to be at least a mile underground if it was to survive a nuclear strike, which might just happen if someone got wind of what they would be doing here. They had realised that the reign of humans on earth was coming to an end and only the brightest, most enduring creatures could survive. Their initial plan was to genetically modify a large number of species, to be mentally and physically superior to their untouched counterparts, but very few were strong enough to last through the initial testing stage. One by ones, species were crossed off the list, until only one remains. The wolf.

Almost 300 were captured and transported to the subterranean bunkers to be tested on. Within the first few weeks the numbers dwindled as many died, their bodies rejecting the foreign strains of DNA. Finally a young scientist managed to identify the problem in the genetic chain they had developed and the death toll slowed as more and more of the wolves responded to the treatment. The breakthrough would complete a project expected to last years, giving the scientists more time to refine their creations.

The wolves ranks were split now, depending on the treatment they were to receive.

50 were kept as they were, locked deep in the largest of the underground cells. These were quickly labelled ‘Pure’, having only received minor enhancements to their physical abilities and an increase in brain power during Phase 1.  The Pure were to be kept as a control to the experiments and so the scientists had resources to fall back on if the next stages of testing failed.

50 were to be developed further and to have more new DNA entered into their bloodstream. They were called the Raised, for their genetic code was to be upgraded a further level during Phase 2. This group was introduced to DNA from a wide range of species, resulting in unusual mutations. Some wolves awoke to discover they had horns, whereas other discovered they had two tails, or webbed paws.

The scientists had only spliced the DNA of each wolf with that of one other species, but soon realised that further changes could be made if they introduced a third species. This would be the final Phase of the experiments, and could take years to perfect. It was already apparent some of the wolves had experienced minor unwanted side effects, such as bouts of dizzyness from the previous modifications. Phase 3 would be risky, and they could lose more test subjects if they were not careful.

A decade later, just when the new strain was finally perfected, the war began. The compound above ground was almost completely destroyed, and many of the scientists with it. Only a few were left unharmed below ground and managed to survive for weeks before their provisions ran out. In their last moments they unlocked the cages that housed the wolves, and set them free in the foothills of the Acaudien Mountains.

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