In a post-apocolyptic world, the escaped test subjects must fight for survival. What genetic modifications had these wolves been subjected to, and who is still Pure?

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Spring ~Warm and dry for the most part, with light showers and mild nights.
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1 Site Rules on Mon Aug 11, 2014 10:59 am


First off, Welcome to Armitage! If you are thinking of joining, please have a read of the rules and the plot, then make an account and head over to the character creation board.

General Rules

1)When applying to join Armitage, please make one account per character. This is so the number of wolves on the site is properly represented, and it makes it easier for everyone involved.

2) The minimum age limit for this site is 13 - please be aware of this, and ensure the rating is kept at PG-13.

3) Please be polite and respectful to each other at all times, and do not let OOC and IC matters cross over.

4)We expect proper spelling and grammar to be used in and out of character, this is a writing site after all!

5) Although this roleplay accepts all levels of users, we do ask for a minimum word limit of at least 100 words. We feel this is a reasonable amount, and we encourage you to write more.

6) We do not condone theft of characters, artwork or graphics. Please get permission from the original artist, or use stock photos and credit them correctly.

Site Rules

1) You may not kill or injure another players character without prior permission from them. Instead of writing "He bit her shoulder viciously and blood dripped from the wound", you should leave the attack open-ended and write "He lunged and attempted to bite her shoulder". This way, the other player can choose whether their character gets hurt or not.

2)The same goes for mates or challenges - you must ask the other player before you decide in character. For more information on Breeding,Fights and Challenging, please read the specific rules here.

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