In a post-apocolyptic world, the escaped test subjects must fight for survival. What genetic modifications had these wolves been subjected to, and who is still Pure?

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Breeding, Fighting, Challenging Rules

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1 Breeding, Fighting, Challenging Rules on Sun Aug 10, 2014 4:17 pm



1) Because this site is PG-13, once you have decided that two wolves will mate, you must fade to black.

2) If you want your wolf to have pups as well, you must first post in the Sub-Plots Breeding forum. Once a moderator or admin has approved the match your wolf can breed. You may have a maximum of three pups, but a random generator will be used to determine the number.

3) Wolves may only mate during the spring (See Season and Weather box to the left), and the pups will be 'born' immediately to make things easier.

4) Please start a new thread in the Sub-plots forum, under Breeding>Pups. Here you will post a short physical description of each of the pups such as gender/coat colour. You may claim one pup to roleplay yourself in the future, and the other pups can be claimed by other users, as long as they have at least one active character.

5)If you do claim a pup, please remember to create a new account for your new character and post in the Character Creation thread for approval. When you do this, the pup automatically age to 1.

6) If no one claims a pup, they are 'lost'. Many pups do not live to adulthood, as they are often easy targets for other predators so this is one way to write them out of the story, or the post can simply be deleted if you do not wish to roleplay this.


1) Wolves within a pack will often play fight or spar, and your characters can do so as well. If your character was to have a serious fight however, please begin a new thread.

2) Unless otherwise agreed on, each character gets up to five moves or posts. There can be a maximum of three attacks per character E.g. If there are three attacks they have two defensive moves, if there are two attacks they have three defensive moves.

3)If a character mutation aids them during fights, they can have only one attack and/or defence move using them. For example, a wolf with antlers could only fend off an attack with their horns once per fight.

4) As said on the site rules, you cannot injure or kill another's character with out their permission.

5)Be reasonable when writing a fight, we don't want any over powered wolves. Please think about your wolf's body type, age, injuries ect when writing a scene like this. understand some of your wolves disadvantages. If they are part of the Raised, consider what might be disadvantages of their mutation, and what weaknesses it could cause as well.


Challenges are a more formal fight than above, and are issued when someone wants to challenge for a new rank within the pack, such as Alpha.

1) The same rules as above apply, apart from the fact a random number roll is used to determine the outcome of the fight. This only applies if the two players both want the position and neither is willing to yield, in this case a moderator will use a generator to decide fairly who will win.

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